Gentle Vision Shaping System

GVSS has been great for me. It is really nice to be able to see so clearly without having to wear glasses or contacts during the day, especially while playing sports. I even have better vision than I had with soft contacts! I highly recommend GVSS to anyone, especially active teens like me. —B.C.

We have been so happy with GVSS. My son's vision has improved and his nearsightedness is not getting worse. GVSS is much more convenient and easier than corrective lenses or contacts. He does not have the worry of contact lenses and is able to play sports, swim, and do other activities with great vision. We can't be more pleased with our choice of GVSS and Prosper Family Eyecare. On top of that, the staff is absolutely wonderful!" — parent of patient T.V.

Vision Therapy

Some activities were fun, others were long hard boring ones. But no matter what activity, it really helped my eyes! —B.W. (age 8)

We have been very happy with the results from B.W.'s eye therapy. All the staff have been warm, welcoming and friends. Dr. Stacie was very thorough with her eye testing and she checked in on B.W. often throughout this process. Kristen is energetic, kind and caring, she has motivated B.W. during his sessions and also toward doing his therapy at home. Kim has also been a kind and friend teacher as well. We have always felt welcome and comfortable when at Prosper Family Eyecare. We highly recommend them for anyone needing some eye therapy. We feel grateful to have been a part of this program. —parent of patient B.W.

I noticed when my son Ryan was in the 1st grade that he began to struggle with reading. He went into the guided reading program at school and also attended after hours tutoring to try and get him to the reading level of his peers. He continued in these types of programs for the remainder of 1st grade, all of 2nd grade and again in 3rd grade. It seemed apparent to all of the professionals assisting him that Ryan had some type of reading delay. He was tested for Dyslexia twice and both times he did not score within the parameters to enter into the specialized Dyslexia program. We seemed to be at a loss as to what to do, so we pushed through Ryan's tears of frustration and continued on the only path that had been provided. (more)

My VT experience made me more confident in my life and had me push myself to do things I was not comfortable with before. I love my vision therapist Miss Kristen and will miss Miss Kristen more than anything. —A.M. (age 13)

My 13 year old came into VT unable to read and with much stress. She felt so dumb. As her mother, I knew she was so smart, but just could not make the jump to full reading. When we started, I felt optimistic, but hesitant. We tried so many other things. Now just 30 weeks later, my confident reading daughter is finished. Thank you, Ms. Kristen and all of the Prosper Family Eyecare family. —parent of patient A.M.

It was very fun here. Reading is easier. I don't lost my spot any more. My writing is better. —C.G. (age 7)

C.G. started VT very discouraged and was barely able to read. She has worked so hard in her homework every week, even when she really didn't want to. She can now read chapter books and has tons more confidence at school. School is no longer the miserable place it used to be. C.G. is loving school and loving reading. Yay!! —parent of patient C.G.

During Vision Therapy I learned a lot. Two things I learned are how to go crosseyed and how to read better. I have no double vision. Thank you for helping me Prosper Family Eyecare. —J.S. (age 9)

Before J.S. started Vision Therapy he would complain about having double vision. He didn't enjoy reading and struggled with timed assignments. It always took him much longer to complete tasks and tests because his eyes just couldn't keep up. We have noticed huge improvements in J.S.'s confidence and attitude, and a major decrease in irritability and frustration since he has been in Vision Therapy. The double vision is gone as well! We are so thankful for his therapists that worked so well with him and helped him on this journey! They were so encouraging and to say J.S. has benefited from this program is an understatement! We are very thankful!! —parent of patient J.S.

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